2010 Copyright Joy Kettler Gurgevich
J   Y of FOOD & YOGA
Joy Kettler Gurgevich - Behavioral Nutrition and Registered Yoga Teacher

When diet 
is wrong, 
medicine is
of no use.
When diet
 is correct, 
medicine is 
of no need. 

~ancient Ayurvedic proverb

A morning or afternoon 
of personal nourishment...

rejuvenating yoga and breath work
 creative and delectable food
...and time for reflection 

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JOY is a Certified Yoga Teacher-200.  She has been 
practicing yoga personally for 35 years.
5215 N. Sabino Canyon Road 
Tucson, AZ 85750
Just Yoga (75 min)         $45 for one person      (Bring a Friend $25/each)
                                       $15/each for 3-5  people

Just Food (60 min)         $65 for one person      (Bring a Friend $50/each)
                (2 hours)         $120 for one person    (Bring a Friend $80/each)
                                       $50/each for 3-5 people

A Morning or Afternoon of Yoga and Food (3 hours)
$150 for one person
Bring a Friend $90/each
$75/each for 3-5 people