Behavioral Nutrition is  an opportunity to explore the ‘what’ and ‘how’ of your food choices.  It lends a practical education, step-by-step, that entices you, through tastes, aromas, pantry exploration, simple label reading skills, colorful marketplaces, and literally makes you hungry to gather, to chop, to stir up a delectable meal, to truly satisfy your hunger and flavor up your life.

Our culture is peering out queasily from under a blanket of artificial foods, and apathetic, dispassionate food choices.   We’ve spent decades filling our plates and bellies with “edible food-like substances” (Michael Pollan), that we pop into our mouths with sometimes just a quick little flick of a wrapper….whether we are hungry or not.    Through Behavioral Nutrition we can relearn a few basic principles and teach our palates fresh new cravings.

Behavioral Nutrition returns to us one of the greatest delights we have, sitting down to a delectably nourishing meal. 
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When diet 
is wrong, 
medicine is
of no use.
When diet
 is correct, 
medicine is 
of no need. 

~ancient Ayurvedic proverb
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